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Quit Smoking - Another attempt

Whenever anybody see a warning sign or threat usually they would not dare to do anything but still there are few instances where humans who are mentally and physically sound would still dare to do them.
Wondering what they are and who are they...
Yes I am talking about the smoker, drunkards... they know it's not good for health and there is waste of money, time, health and still they would go behind them.
How funny?
Many attempts were made to reduce number of smokers but not so effective. I thought let me give a try, who knows who get inspired by what and at what time... I am just embedding a document "Stop Smoking" which highlights the disadvantages of smoking (mind you they is nothing new, these are very common and everybody knows about them)

Hope this try would be of some help and I would be very glad if it makes some effect among the smokers.

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