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Sauna - Refresh body, Mind & Soul

In my recent cruise trip to Stockholm (c the gallery here), I found this "Sauna Club". Just did my homework on it, and I was really happy about this sauna...
From Wikipedia:

A sauna (pronounced /ˈsɔːnə/, or as Finnish [ˈsɑunɑ]) is a small room or house designed as a place to experience dry or wet heat sessions, or an establishment with one or more of these and auxiliary facilities. These facilities derive from the Finnish sauna. The word sauna is also used metaphorically to describe an unusually hot or humid environment.
After an hour of having a refreshing session at Sauna, this made me dig in for more information. The advantages/benefits that Sauna brings you are mind blowing. Please follow up to read the full of its benefits...

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